Del-Grande Publishing Inc.

                   PUBLISHING MADE EASY!

It’s that simple! Our innovative professional services make publishing and distribution easier than ever. Plus it pays to self-publish with Del-Grande Publishing. Our royalty structure provides industry-leading economics, putting more in your pocket.

Just think, manufacturing and shipping is taken care of. Your book remains in-stock, without inventory, made on-demand when customers order. And with an array of options, together we can create the book you've always wanted.


We design a great-looking custom cover for your book quickly and easily. You provide the image of your choice or we can choose one for you, it’s up to you.


We give your book a professional interior with a layout and design that enhances the overall presentation. From basic style solutions to a customized design that mirrors your vision—our options are priced to fit every budget and come with project management and phone support.

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